4th Management Committee of COST Action IS0904

Action planning:

Annual Progress Conference:

It is taking place on 3-4 June, 2013 in Talinn (Estonia). The presentation of the Chair on the template provided by COST Office, is available on the Action’s website restricted members’ area.


The Chair submitted the Annual Monitoring Progress Report on behalf of the MC on 22 April 2013 to Dr Andreas Obermaier. Highlights and perspectives:

The annual workshop in Lisbon and Training School in Ghent

Organizing content for the ABE-journal (see item 8 below)

Strengthening collaboration among participants in the Action and spin-offs

Action Budget Planning:

The budget allocated for Grant Period 4 is 120,000 €; it covers expenses from August 2013 to 9 May 2014.

Action Planning (including meetings):

The following activities were decided for Year 4:

Final conference (35.000 €)

In Palermo (IT): 13-17 April 2014 (4-day event)

Annual MC meeting

The MC meeting will take place in conjunction with WG2, WG3 & ABE meetings, in Trieste (IT): 9-12 December 2013 (with 1-day visit to Ljubljana)

WGs meetings:

WG1 2-day meeting in November 2013 in Ghent (BE)

WG4 meeting on 17-19 November 2013 in Delft (NL)

WG3 meeting on 29-30 January 2014 in Lyon (FR)

WG1-WG2 “Colonial today” for ABE meeting, on 29 November 2013, in Toulouse (FR)

WG1-WG2 “Global experts” and “Exile” for ABE meeting on February, 2014, in Berlin (DE)

DH Meeting – for IT fans! (Data visualization, data spatialization, social network dissemination)

In Paris (FR), 27-28 January 2014

Other meetings

ABE Scientific Committee, in conjunction with MC meeting. The Scientific board is to be composed of members of WGs, of MC and external experts (maximum 4).

Funds allocated to STSMs: increase to about 16.000 €

Title and format of Final Conference:

A discussion on the title of the final conference takes place. The title “Crossing boundaries: Rethinking European architecture beyond Europe” is approved by 12 represented countries (1 nil vote).

Day 1 (Sunday 13, half-day): Achievements (Repositories, ABE, co-publications and spin-offs)

Day 2 (14 April): Perspectives for future research:  Panels

Day 3 (15 April): visits Palazzina cinese (18th c.), Palazzo dei Normani. Cappella palatina, Ziza

Day 4 (16 April): Perspectives for future research: panels

The MC approves the organization of panels based on open calls for papers at the Final conference, in order to increase the outreach of the Action. ESRs are encouraged to join the organisation of the panels.

The following panels are approved: “exile and migration” (chaired by Regina Gödecke and Rachel Lee); “the architecture of diplomacy” (chaired by Mercedes Volait and Paolo Girardelli); “transnational studies and cultural transfers” (chaired by Kathleen James-Chakraborty); “Development aid and institutional architecture” (chaired by Tom Avermaete & Kim de Raedt); “Changing historiographies” (chaired by Alex Bremner and JoAnne Mancini); “Tropical architecture” (chaired by Ola Uduku and Iain Jackson). A further panel might be added if funding allows.

Panels’ chairs are invited to draft a call for papers for their session for 30 September 2013, with the deadline for proposing a paper set to 1 December 2013. The call shall include information on funding opportunities (funding is restricted to members of participating countries in the Action; a total of 4 non-COST experts can be invited to the Final Conference). Chairs decisions will be presented at the next MC meeting in Trieste.