Final Evaluation Report


Domain Committee “Individuals, Societies, Cultures and Health (ISCH)”

COST Action IS0904

Start Date 10-05-2010

End Date 09-05-2014

European Architecture beyond Europe: Sharing Research and Knowledge on Dissemination Processes, Historical Data and Material Legacy (19th-20th centuries)


This Report stems from the relevant Domain Committee.

It contains four parts:

I.  Management Report prepared by the COST Office/Grant Holder

II.  Scientific Report prepared by the Chair of the Management Committee of the Action.

III. Evaluation Report prepared by the “ad hoc” Evaluation Panel, established by the Domain Committee, and edited by the COST Office.

IV. DC General Assessment prepared by the Domain Committee

See the attached PDF: final_evaluation_report_IS0904.pdf


Annex 1 – Impact of networking > Annex_1_networking.pdf

Annex 2 – Dissemination > Annex_2_Dissemination.pdf

Annex 3 – Workshops and Final conference abstracts > Annex_3.pdf

Annex 4 – WGs reports > Annex_4_WGs_final-reports.pdf

Confidentiality: the documents will be made available to the public via the COST Action web page except for chapter II.D. Self evaluation and IV. DC General Assessment.

Executive summary of the Scientific Report (max.250 words):

As a whole, the Action has worked in satisfying manner, despite little initial familiarity with collaborative research and the EC RDT framework program among the network, and incomprehension on its administrative procedures. There has been no deviation from the work plan, significant involvement in the activities developed, and commitment in fostering collaborative research. The annual workshops organized by the Action installed an intellectual climate favourable to fruitful exchange, both on content and methods. A major outcome of the Action, besides many research spin offs,  joint teaching, co-publishing and sessions co-organizing, has been the creation and development of the digital ABE journal, Architecture beyond Europe, a multilingual and peer-reviewed publication, of which 3 issues have been released since September 2013 and 3 others are in progress. It is expected that the journal will serve as a forum to continue exchanges and collaborations after the end of the Action