WG 4 : Conceptualizing an infrastructure for collaborative research

This research track is transversal and interdisciplinary. It will offer support to the researchers involved in the three above-mentioned tracks and will pursue the following activities :

1. It will implement the digital means to be used in order to ensure a continuous and interactive communication among participants in the Action throughout its duration. A collaborative website with two distinct areas will be set up. The first will be devoted to the Action (general presentation, calls for papers, partners, events…).  The second will aggregate the content published through social networking, for example blog, of each member of the Action.

2. It will discuss methods to collect and to ensure the sustainability and interoperability of online publishing. The aim is to set up an open source infrastructure by making use of the wealth of information already available in digital format, despite their heterogeneous structuring or their little-structured nature. This option is based on the assumption that the usual procedure in database making is data standardization, but represents a time-consuming and high-cost endeavor, that generally falls out of academic means. A previous project, developed within the 6th Framework Program, showed that a relatively low-cost and more appropriate step to the state of the art in the field will be to adapt search engines to relevant data, rather than adapting data to search engines. Other research projects, in which some of the potential participants of the Action were involved, reached similar conclusions. A preliminary move towards the collaborative building of a specialized digital infrastructure allowing to cross search little structured data is to establish a repository with restricted access where willing researchers could store and share primary information and semi-structured free-copyrighted material. The Action will explore further this option, by using the content management system on open source that is being installed on the servers of the proposal coordinator’s institution.

3. It will evaluate the level of use of IT and then help conceive the proper training needed, taking into account feedback from participants in the Action.

Coordinator : Thierry Lochard (FR)
Co-Coordinator : Pauline K.M. van Roosmalen (NL)

Members :

  • Juliette Hueber (FR)
  • Antonio Mendes da Silva (FR)
  • Dov Winer (IL)
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